Wellsville Technologies proudly ships UPS Packages for Package Express.  We are NOT a UPS Store.  To learn more about this service, please click the link below

Wellsville Technologies also sells T-Mobile devices and service.  No appointment needed, come on in and get your new 5G service today!
This section is being revised at this time

Wellsville Technologies sells and services MAC’s and PC’s in addition to mobile device repair, gaming system repair, tv repair and more



We are offering a $20.00 Gift Card for any new line activation or $30.00 for any new phone purchase

Must be active for a minimum of thirty days before gift card may be redeemed.


We’re sorry, we cannot accept QR Codes, Cable TV Boxes, Sattelite Boxes.  If you need to tape any portion of your shipment, you will be charged $3.29 tax included for tape.  If you need a label printed, you will be charged $5.00.  We do not get any supplies for free and therefore, we cannot give them away for free.


We have a few laptops for sale and 1 is up for a raffle on January 31st for $1.00 per ticket or $7.00 for 10 tickets – see store for details