Most people believe we are a UPS Store and this is very far from the truth.  We are a package express facility and have no affiliation with UPS directly.

  1. We cannot accept cable or satelite dish boxes for return unless they are in a box with a shipping label provided by the customer
  2. We cannot accept any returns to Amazon or any other location using a QR Code

Please make sure your box is taped up and your label is affixed to it properly.  If not, we can help but there will be fees associated.


We are a UPS Access Point as well.  What does this do for you?

  1.  You can order products online using your name and our address.  Your packages will come to our store for safe keeping while you may be at work or out of Town.  No problem, just come pick them up at your convenience.  We will hold them for up to 14 business days before sending them back to the sender.

We will not contact you if a package arrives for you.  You will need to check your tracking number as the item(s) will be scanned into our store upon arrival.



If you do not want to pay these fees, have your packages properly ready for shipment and/or take them to Arkport UPS Store where these same services may be free
  • Tape - If you need ANY tape (No matter how much) - $3.00
  • Label Print - If we print your label - $5.00
  • Label EMail to Print - $7.00
  • Help / Assistance with shipping anything - $5.00 / 10 Minutes