When you need some help, minor advise on certain items it is always best to try and resolve your own issues.  However, in some cases you just need a bit of help.   Our free technical support is via Email only and limited.  We will do our best to help out where we can.  There is no charge for this service.


We offer multiple support options which are noted below for your convenience.  Pre-paid support is always the least expensive solution but feel free to select any support option that suits your needs.


Service Area Search

Wellsville Technologies covers all of New York State, the east coast as far as North East Georgia.  We offer a wide coverage area so if your area does not come up in your search, please give us a call so we may add your area to our database. 


Give us a call to purchase your support blocks.  Blocks are sold in 15-minute increments to help save you money.  You can purchase as many blocks as you would like and blocks NEVER expire.  The cost per block on a pre-paid basis are $10.00 each.  If your support call is 16 minutes long, it would require 2 blocks.  If your support is 13 minutes, you would only need 1 block.  You save $10 off the regular hourly rate by pre-purchase.


When you need us to remote into your computer to resolve an issue, the cost in advance is $64.95 and we will spend up to 2 hours to resolve any issues that you may be having.  Give us a call to purchase a remote support session today!  

Click on the button below to download a very nice backup software so you can have a disaster recovery plan.  If you would like some assistance in setting this software up, please give us a call and we can help you.