Why would you convert your home into a smart home?  There are many benefits to this:

  1. Real time reporting – Know who is coming or going when you are not home
  2. Remote lock & unlock your doors from your smart phone
  3. Cameras that can be programmed to perform multiple functions based on other devices in your package

Our solutions provide you event logs that you can review for any reason.  Recording time, date and the code that was used to unlock the door.


More than just door locks and cameras.  Our solutions come with window monitoring as well as smoke detectors, thermostats and door bells.

Your office can be programmed for employees with strict time restrictions of when they can enter and when they cannot.  Recording them as they enter or leave the office.  Base your payroll on realtime data and not just taking their word for it.

Our solutions are reliable, battery backup included in addition to professional installation services.


Service Area Search

We can provide smart home or office technologies anywhere in the United States and have been performing installation all across NYS.  They can save you money on your insurance as well as increase the property value at time of resale.


If you are not sure if a smart home upgrade is for your home, give us a call and we will come on site and provide you with a comprehensive survey absolutely free of charge and with no obligation.

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Smart Home / Office Requirements

Our smart home solutions require a special VPN Router that makes your network 100% secure and also a monthly service fee for the use of event logs, remote (cell phone) accessibility.  Please, stop in our store to see a live demonstration on how the systems work and what the possibilities are with each system.  We have live demonstration stations setup in our store for your convenience.

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