Managed Business Information Technology Support brings you the power of an IT department, at a fraction of the cost.  We have been providing IT Services for the past 25+ years and currently hold a 99.9% customer retention rate.  


Our Managed Business IT Support Services comes inclusive with the following backup solutions:

  1. Client workstations are backed up to an on premise server (if one exists)
  2. Server is backed up to the cloud on a nightly basis
  3. Data recovery (if needed) is always FREE
  4. In some of our deployments, we have multiple servers and if we do, we backup all servers locally and off site for redundancy
  5. We proactively test backups to ensure no loss of data in an emergency


Your information and data is always secure with our services:

  1. We are a HIPAA Compliant company as we work very close with several law enforcement agencies (Nunda, Caledonia, Dansivlle, Angelica to name a few)
  2. We are a PCI Compliant company
  3. We utilize the latest in technology to keep your network secure and private
  4. We proactively test the strength of your network security
  5. We keep informed of the latest threats and attacks so we are always prepared


When you look at the “Other Guys” in our surrounding area, take a look,

Do they have the proper equipment to perform the task at hand?

Are they fully licensed and insured and ready, willing and able to prove it?

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our company to show stability, reliabilty and integrity

We offer the best warranty in the industry.  We are open 6 days per week with on call services 24 hours a day.  We can provide complete solutions and we have the staffing to cover it.