Lay-A-Way Plan

Wellsville Technologies offers convenient lay-a-way plans to help you obtain that new desktop or laptop computer you have been wanting.

here is how our program works:

a.  10% down payment

b.  Weekly payments in the amount of no less than 10% of the balance due

c.  Maximum lay-a-way amount is $750.00 unless prior arrangements made

Do I Qualify?

You simply need to have a source of income and be able to prove it.  We offer this program on very strict terms and for complete terms and conditions you will need to stop into our store.

1 major term is that you must make a weekly payment.  If you are late by even 1-day you will lose your lay-a-way and there are no refunds!  It is critical that you make that weekly payment.  If something comes up and you cannot make that payment, you need to contact us immediately so we can work with you.  We are not vultures but nor are we your babysitter.  It is your responsibility to make sure you call in with payment, drop off payment or setup auto payment.


Service Area Search

We can provide smart home or office technologies anywhere in the United States and have been performing installation all across NYS.  They can save you money on your insurance as well as increase the property value at time of resale.

How to Apply

Stop into our store and ask for an application and we will make a decision after we are able to verify the information on your application.  Any information found to be inaccurate will void the application and you will be disqualified for any lay-a-way or payment plan terms.  

Lay-A-Way Items

Desktop Computers

Laptop Computers

Services of $150.00 or greater value

Other Limited Products – See store