Wellsville Technologies currently provides IT Managed Services for multiple companies, organizations and Government Agencies across New York State and we can help you as well.

We take the burden off you and your staff so you can do your business and not worry about how the technical stuff is being handled.

Does your company have a disaster recovery plan?  What would happen if your computer systems just stopped working tomorrow?  How would you handle getting backup and running?  Wellsville Technologies offers multiple levels of managed services for your protection and budget.

When you use our cost estimator below and are provided an estimated cost, give us a call because we always adjust the price depending upon variables the system does not take into account such as your location, how much business you may already do with us, were you are referral etc…  


Our backup solution is second to none as you are sent an email every day the backup is performed to inform you of a failure if one were to exist.  We are also included in on the email so we can maintain a solid backup every day.  


We offer a comprehensive disaster recovery plan when you sign up with our managed services.  You will know the steps we are going to take in the event of a failure and our team will be with you until you are back up and operational again.


Our team comes on site to your location approximately every 3 months to physically clean your computer systems, servers and printers for proactive measures to ensure they are operating at optimal performance.


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