Yes, we offer wholesale and reseller accounts on our website. Please give us a call or send an email with your interest of becoming a reseller or would like wholesale pricing and we will send you a custom link to our online dealer application. Once your information has been reviewed and approved you will have a special login that will reduce all online pricing accordingly.

We offer amazing discounts! The more you spend, the more you save. We do however, have a very strict reseller and wholesale account policy in terms of your company integrity, purchasing quantities and installation markets. To get started, please send your inquiry to

YES! We love referrals so much that we give you a $25.00 gift card of your choice: Applebees, WalMart, Tops and a few others. Your referred person also receives the same gift. The only requirement is that your referred person must spend at least $150 before these gifts will be issued. There is no cap on the number of gift cards you can receive! If you prefer to have an account credit we also offer that as well. In fact, the majority of our business comes from friend / family referrals so we rely heavily on these.

TURN IT OFF!! Do not attempt to perform a system restore as you will most likely do more damage. To maximize the ability to recover your data, we highly recommend you turn it off and bring it in immediately. Most common reasons for the lack of boot is failed Windows updates or Virus activity. Bring it in, we will diagnose it and let you know what we can do to help you.

We recommend Vipre Anti-Virus. Yes, you can go purchase it on your own but when you purchase through us, we offer additional services you will not receive unless you purchase it through us. Give us a call or stop in to order yours today! We offer 1, 3 & 5 pc licensing in addition to servers and commercial rates.

We do a lot of work in South Carolina, North East Georgia, all of New York, parts of Pennsylvania and are willing to travel anywhere in the United States. Our customers in Georgia send us computers often for repair. Why is that? No other companies exist by them? no… They just know we know what we are doing and in most cases, we can fix the computer and send it for a lower price than the local companies by them. We support multiple companies in the N.E Georgia region!

Wellsville Technologies is fully licensed and insured! We offer a 1m / 2m policy coverage to all business projects. We are 100% reliable, affordable and one of the best companies you will do business with. in fact, we are so confident in our abilities to serve your business that our customer retention rate is at approximately 98%. Customers who have the opportunity to work with us will tell you – We are quick, we know what we are doing and we are very reasonable when it comes to customer support and providing services… Don’t just take our word for it, let us know you would like to talk to some references and we will provide you with a list!

We are always seeking technicians, sales representatives and sales clerks. We have an online application you can complete. Please visit the home page and all the way to the bottom right you will see an employment application button. Complete the online application to the best of your ability and we will review the information immediately and if we feel you might be a qualified candidate for a position we will contact you.

To be considered for employment with Wellsville Technologies you MUST:

a. Have a high school diploma or GED
b. Have proven work history in the field in which you are applying
c. Have reliable transportation
d. Be willing to travel
e. Have a CELL PHONE with excellent coverage
f. Be able to multi-task, sort priority & responsibilities
g. Be able to work under pressure at times and remain professional at all times
h. Be willing to submit to random drug testing throughout your employment

Our technicians salary start at: $18.00 per hour depending upon experience and education
Our in store sales clerks start at: $13.00 per hour depending upon experience and education
Our sales representatives are commission based positions and base salary is negotiated
The more knowledge, experience and education you have, the more the starting pay will be. All information you submit MUST be verifiable. If you are called in for an interview, you will be required to bring evidence of everything with you at that time.

We strive for same day turn around. However, the later in the day you bring it in, the more likely it will be available to you the following day. Some repairs can take 7-8 hours to complete so the earlier you bring it in the more chance you have of getting it back later in the day. We do offer a premium (higher priority) service to guarantee you get it back the same day you bring it in. The fee for premium service depends on the service you need and the estimated time it will take to get it done. Inquire about this when you bring it in and we will let you know.

Yes, we can custom build a desktop or laptop for your specific needs. Come on in, we can talk about what you need and how we can help you

We’re sorry! Due to the nature of our business with most of our offerings being service related we do not offer returns on any item sold or any service we have performed. All sales are final unless otherwise noted on your receipt. In very rare situations we may offer a return period on specific items but your receipt will tell you if it is covered.

Yes, from our home page, enter your zip code and it will tell you what the service charge is for your area. If you are a vet, active military, over 65, disabled you will receive a discount or no charge at all. Our system will let you know once you enter your zip code.

We accept all major credit cards, personal or business checks, money orders and cash. Credit cards may not be used when purchasing used or recertified equipment.

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